LIVE Online Seminar Presented by World's Leading Human Behavior Expert
Discover the Mind Body Connection and the Four Pillars that Underpin the Essence of Health and Healing
Tap into Dr John Demartini's 5 Decades of Research into Health and Healing in this Powerful Online Program 

A deep exploration of the mind body connection and the 4 cardinal pillars of healing.

4 Hour LIVE Online Seminar: 

May 14, 2024

United States Time Zone: 6pm - 10pm CDT; 7pm - 11pm EDT; 4pm - 8pm PDT; 5pm - 9pm MDT
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More About the Program

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, there’ve been two very distinct views relating to the origins of illness or disease:
  • One avenue is that illness is initiated by something EXTERNAL. The cure is, therefore, also likely to originate from an external source.
  • The second is that illness has more to do with what is going on INSIDE you: your perceptions, decisions, actions, behaviors, and habits, and that the cure is likely to originate from within.
The power that made the body is the one capable of transforming and bringing wellness to the body.

This in-depth and mind-expanding program will summarize and synthesize Dr John Demartini’s 5 decades of research and distill it down into something you can apply to your wellness journey.

Some of the topics that will be covered include:
  •  How healing relates to your highest values (and why you’d be wise to identify them, if you haven’t already done so);
  • How every single thing that goes on in your life is attempting to bring about wellness in your body;
  • ​How your perceptions, decisions, and actions have a direct impact on your physiology;
  • ​What your symptoms may actually represent;
  • ​What creates a symptom;
  • ​What it means to dissolve a symptom and bring about wellness​
Dr John Demartini will also spend time delving into the healing process and why symptoms are FEEDBACK, guiding wellness.

If you have a particular dis-ease or illness, and you’d love to gain mastery in this area of your life, or if you are in the healing arts and you’d like to expand your genius, intuition, skills and practice, then join Dr John Demartini for this inspiring and life-transforming program.

What Others Have To Say:

"I loved this course!"

“I loved this course! You’re a genius on the subject of healing and I feel like I’ve learnt more in this course about healing than I have in all my 16 years of learning in this field.”
~ Dr W Thornton 

"Incredible knowledge."

“Thank you for the clarity of your teachings and for sharing this incredible knowledge. I’ve always known that the mind played a role in healing but understanding the mechanism of how our thoughts affect our genes and our phenotype gives me the language to now explain it to my clients.”
~ Kate J

"Today I feel like I finally got my answer."

“Dr John Demartini’s comprehensive body of work makes the complex simple. I’ve spent my entire life looking for a better explanation on healing than I got in medical school and today I feel like I finally got my answer.”
~ Dr A Wood

4 Hour LIVE Online Seminar: May 14, 2024

6pm - 10pm CDT; 7pm - 11pm EDT; 4pm - 8pm PDT; 5pm - 9pm MDT
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From Your Host
Dr John Demartini

I have been fortunate enough to be able to help thousands of people across the world decode the messages of their body thereby giving them the insights and then tools they require to transform and bring wellness and wholeness to their lives.

Your body is doing whatever it can to help you achieve your maximum potential and / or to fulfill your highest value, your telos, or your most authentic state of being.
You can now learn how to understand your body’s subtle feedback messages and discover what it’s telling you about your three controllables – your perceptions, decisions and actions in life. When your body and soma speaks, it is wise to listen.

Your physiology reveals your psychology and both reveal your axiology. The signs and symptoms accompanying your body’s so-called illnesses actually can offer you deep insights and provide you with profound meaning.