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Join Alana Demartini for a 5-hour Practical Workshop to apply the Demartini Method to Clear Out any Emotional Charge Currently Challenging Your Life. (USA Time Zone)

Date: December 7, 2021

Place: Online
Times: 1pm – 6pm CST (2pm – 7pm EST; 11am – 4pm PST)
A Practical 5-hour Workshop Presented by Master Demartini Method Facilitator, Alana Demartini
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 December 7, 2021 

 5 Hours

 Presenter: Alana Demartini

You’ve told us that you’d love to attend regular post Breakthrough Experience sessions where you’d be able to bring your next issue to resolve using the Demartini Method. So we’ve designed a practical session where you’ll be able to spend 5 hours applying the Demartini Method to love yourself or to clear out any judgements you have on someone other than yourself.

This will be a 5-hour workshop where you’ll focus on clearing your perceptions using the Demartini Method like you did in the Breakthrough Experience. 

At the Breakthrough Experience you worked on one trait from Side A and B, now you’ll have the experience and time to take this much deeper and clear out a number of your judgements during the practical session with Alana Demartini - Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator.

You know how incredible it was to walk out of the Breakthrough Experience appreciating the individual that you at the start of the program thought had done something you labeled a challenge; to feel a sense of love and appreciation instead of anger, resentment; to see the situation as ‘on the way’ instead of ‘in the way’.
alana demartini
This is your opportunity to take the next individual you’re judging, the one that pushes your buttons the most right now and clear out your judgments on them OR you can do this for and on yourself too.

Imagine appreciating yourself the way you appreciated the individual you did the Demartini Method on at the Breakthrough Experience.

You deserve to be loved and appreciated and most especially, you deserve to be loved and appreciated by YOU! How do you expect others to love and appreciate you if you can’t give that gift to yourself?

And as you know from the Breakthrough Experience, when you value you, the world values you.

So, whether you decide to do the Demartini Method on someone other than yourself or to do it on yourself, this 5-hour workshop is going to reduce your tension, open your heart and balance and integrate your perceptions.

Anytime you do the Demartini Method to completion, it raises your self-worth, your inspiration and your fulfilment, which helps you in all seven areas of life.
We’re inspired to announce the next Demartini Method Masterclass presented by Alana Demartini on December 7, 2021 from 1pm – 6pm CST (2pm – 7pm EST; 11am – 4pm PST)
What Others Have To Say About The Masterclass:
Dr. Demartini said his daughter Alana is amazing and it is true. I was very impressed by her skills. I was blown away by how much value she added to this event. - Duke

Tears of gratitude - heartfelt emotion. - C Spray

Doing the Demartini Method can be overwhelming and I often get stuck. Alana did a great job in breaking down each column and its direction. - N Le

Listening to Alana talk through the Demartini Method steps and talk through with other participants was so valuable to me I could have gone on.- N Theo

I got clarity on the traits, which needed refinement and that was very valuable. - N Mendez
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