Master Your Mind & Your Life In Just Two Powerful Days

Join The Breakthrough Experience, a 2-Day LIVE online seminar with world-leading human behavior expert Dr John Demartini.
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A Great Life Is Not Built By Accident...

It’s Built By Purposeful Design

The Question Is, Are You Ready To Design Yours?

To achieve your life goals, you already understand that working on your mindset is pivotal to getting the results you seek.

While world events have certainly 'tested' many over the past few years, this is the year we will be called to to be leaders, to rebound and come back stronger than ever.

The problem is that you may not know where to start or what skills and tools to acquire to help you design and build the life you truly deserve.

This means that you may not be taking priority actions to get what you want, and you could find that you're stuck, year on year, in the same confusion and lack of fulfilment. 

We believe that every human being deserves to have access to knowledge and tools that can help them to empower and inspire their own lives as well as those around them.

What this all boils down to the simple fact that knowledge is potential power, learning how to apply it leads to empowerment and results.
Presented live by Dr John Demartini, co-hosted by Alana Demartini, The Breakthrough Experience is a highly-interactive environment. 

You'll not only learn each of the 7 life-transformation tools but apply each to manage your mind and master your life.

In just 2 days, you'll discover your power to break through limitations, overcome challenges and create the empowered life you deserve.

“He’s changing people’s lives.”

"Your work has the potential to create a major paradigm shift in the minds and hearts of the men and women who grasp its relevance and meaning to their lives."

brian tracy - business consultant, public speaker & author


7 Life Transformation Tools

You'll Learn At The Breakthrough Experience

This isn’t a Zoom or a meeting or a webinar – it’s a fully immersive, interactive experience guaranteed to create break throughs and be the catalyst for empowering every area of your life.


The Demartini Value Determination Process

 Clarify what your life demonstrates is truly most important to you and structure your daily priorities.


An Introduction To The Demartini Method

A revolutionary personal development tool for dissolving emotions and transforming challenges.


Grief Resolution Process

How to instantaneously liberate emotional burdens and maximize resilient adaptability.


Manifestation Formula

Used for nearly five decades - the formula to masterfully create and achieve an extraordinary life.


Leadership Formula

The five S formula followed by great leaders to leave their immortal legacies.


Goal Setting & Achievement

Filter out unrealizable fantasies and set meaningful objectives that initiate spontaneous action.


Purpose Statement Clarifier 

Drive certainty and inspiration to your mission statement that serves yourself and those important to you.

“John’s teachings are inspiring.”

"Dr John Demartini is one of the greatest minds and illuminating teachers on the planet. The clarity of his teachings will inspire billions."

rhonda byrne - Executive Producer of ‘The Secret’

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My message to you

I’m Dr John Demartini

And it’s my inspiration to share the wisdom I’ve synthesized from 1000s of years of knowledge from theologians, philosophers, Nobel prize laureates and other great minds in science, business, finance and health.

You have the opportunity to decide: Who will you choose to be? What will you contribute? How will you impact the world – your community, your family, yourself? 

Join me in standing on the shoulders of giants and implement this great wisdom in order to gain the ultimate advantage in all 7 years of your life.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee for First Time Attendees to the Breakthrough Experience

Above all else, your satisfaction is what's most important to me. So if at any point during day 1, you don't feel like I've given you the value I promised, I'll provide you with a full refund. All you need to do is let us know before the close of the first day that you’ll not be continuing with the program.

I can confidently give you that guarantee because this program has an amazing history of results. The transformational stories keep coming in, and soon yours will too.

Learn From Leading Experts

Join a private online community of like-minded achievers – people just like you who want MORE out of life and are willing to take action to get there.

Dr John Demartini

Human Behavior EXPERT, Polymath, Philosopher

Dr Demartini’s work is a summation of over 299 different disciplines synthesized from the greatest minds in most fields of study today.

His extensive curriculum focuses on helping purpose driven individuals master their lives so that they’re able to more extensively serve humanity with their inspired vision and mission.

Alana Demartini


Alana Demartini, Dr Demartini's eldest daughter, co-hosts the Breakthrough Experience. 

She is a sought-after, globally recognized professional educator and consultant on human behavior, personal development, and entrepreneurship. 

“His work is REAL magic!"”

"Dr Demartini not only has the power to heal, but also the power to open up hearts to love again.”

DR WAYNE DYER - Author and Public Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

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“This is an amazing gift.”

“It gave me a new perspective on life that provides an understanding of balance I never had. I’ll now be able to reach new heights with flow and synchronicity."

rick yune - American Actor and Screenwriter

Please Note:

Due to the nature of human behavior and real life issues or challenges you or other attendees may face, during the Breakthrough Experience you may be exposed to moments where the use of adult language and stories may be expressed, and so it has been appropriately classified as an R-Rated program concerning language and jokes. 

During the 2-day program there may be mature or potentially challenging topics addressed by Dr John Demartini or fellow attendees. If you are sensitive to such language or if you’d are easily offended by topics of sexual, gender, political, or religious nature then this program may not be a fit for you.

We are all responsible for creating a ‘safe’ space where people can work through their issues and share their individual stories if they choose. We ask that you respect people’s outer social privacy and that you do not share details of the content shared by fellow attendees outside of the confines of the seminar.

Dr John Demartini is dedicated to helping people breakthrough their issues and will do whatever he can to help you and the rest of the group achieve that result. 

You will be expected to participate in an 8-hour practical, accountable, work session where you will work through a 14-step process called the Demartini Method. Should you decide not to fully participate in the practical work, we cannot guarantee the results. This program is not a ra-ra, stand on chairs, support your fantasy, spectator, or herd mentality program. It is a serious seminar program dedicated to being accountable and empowering all of the seven areas of your life, your leadership and your self-mastery.

We urge you to fully commit to work as thoroughly as possible through all the practical sessions to ensure that you take the deepest transformation out of the 2 days. The Breakthrough Experience is a profound 2 days, packed with centuries of synthesized knowledge and wisdom that will equip you with powerful tools that will give you a defining advantage in all seven areas of your life. If you're inspired to attend, then we cannot wait to welcome you to the next Breakthrough Experience program in your time zone.

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