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Join Dr John Demartini at the Path to Power and Discover Why Expanding Self-Governing Executive Function is the Key to Creating Everything in Your Life You Envision You’d Love to Be, Do and Have.

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You Can Live With The Masses In A Reactive World Or Turn On Your Power When You Embark On The Path Of Self-Governing Mind Mastery

The most powerful realization of the modern century is that you have power over your mind when you master your perceptions, which gives you power over your life.

It’s your choice where you play in the game of life. If you’d love to truly master your life, then Dr John Demartini is ready to show you the steps to mind and life mastery.

At the ‘Path to Power’ online course you’ll:

  • Discover the universal laws that you can use to empower your life
  • Get coached by Dr John Demartini at the LIVE Path to Power online module
  • ​​Become aware of the signs and symptoms of a governed vs ungoverned mind
  • ​Discover the principles of life empowerment
  • Learn how to overcome challenge and manage your emotions
  • Get coached on how to integrate your perceptions and live an authentic life
  • Get introduced to powerful mind mastery exercises that you can use to expand your self-governing executive function
  • Do all this from the comfort of your own home

Mind Mastery is the Most Direct Path to Life Mastery

Path to Power has been designed to teach you 9 steps to help you increase your self-governing executive function so you can begin to run your world from the within instead of having the outer world run you.

Mind Mastery is Both The Source and The Pinnacle of All Human and Life Empowerment

In our collective evolution as a species on earth we’ve built upon existing structures and so too our brain is built from more primitive to more advanced brain function.

Our more primitive subcortical areas of our brain are essential for survival but get in the way of the more human strategic functions required for life mastery.

The subcortical areas of the brain have faster neurons designed for fight and flight, seek and avoid, pleasure and pain. Basic survival impulses and instincts that are essential for our preservation when seeking food and avoiding predation.

Whenever we perceive an event as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and we polarize it, we activate our more primitive subcortical area of our brain and we REACT. We seek the perceived pleasure and we avoid the perceived pain.

Because the subcortical neurons work faster than the more advanced cortical areas of the brain, you’ll REACT before you can think.

In life, it’s obvious that that can get us into all sorts of ‘trouble’ in our day to day life where we’re required to THINK before we act if we’re to thrive in human society.

So how do you develop your ‘thinking’ part of your brain, your prefrontal cortex, your executive center of your brain?

That’s where the Path to Power comes in. There are practical mind mastery exercises that you can do that accelerate the development and expansion of your self-governing executive function.

An example of one of those mind mastery exercises is to help you to take a past event that’s driving you to react and process it in a way that you no longer trigger a subcortical response when you are reminded of it. The more you do this, the more you move from reacting to ACTING upon the world.

Instead of reminders to the event triggering a more primitive subcortical involuntary response, you’ll be able to respond with controlled, more strategic action from your most advanced human part of your brain, the prefrontal cortex which gives rise to your self-governed executive function.

To the degree that you develop your executive function, is to the degree that you rise up in leadership, power and value in the world. It’s the source of your clearest vision, genius, innovation, creativity and potential.

It’s what makes you truly human. It’s where you become your most authentic self and lead your most powerful, inspired and meaningful life.

Developing your self-governing executive function is one of the most powerful activities you can do to master your life and open the door to achievement and true life fulfillment.

Join me for the Path to Power online module and understand how to unlock your own inner power through strategic mind mastery.

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Mind Mastery is Life Mastery

Dr John Demartini Shares 9 Aspects that’ll Help You Increase Your Self-Governing Executive Function and Accelerate Your Path to Power

1. Mind Mastery - Discover the value of self-governing executive function in mastering your life

2. The Neurology of Power - Overriding your faster neural subcortical brain and developing your slower neural cortical/prefrontal cortex and resultant executive function

3. Amygdala Dominance - The signs and symptoms of living in your survival brain

4. Prefrontal Cortex Dominance - The signs of living in your thrival brain

5. Authentic Power - How to live your most authentic life
6. The Psychology of Power - How balancing your perceptions and seeing both sides increases your self-governing executive function

7. The Values of Power - Discovering the power of values and linking for congruency, productivity and greater achievement

8. The Power of Vision - How to clarify your most inspired vision, mission and purpose

9. Executive Function Development Exercises - An introduction to the series of over 22 mind mastery exercises (The Demartini Method) that can further accelerate your path to power
LIVE Online Seminar With The World’s Leading Human Behavior Expert
Increase Your Mind Mastery for Your Greatest Life Mastery and Power
Join Dr John Demartini at the NEW Path to Power Seminar and Discover Why Expanding Self-Governing Executive Function is the Key to Creating Everything in Your Life You Envision You’d Love to Be, Do and Have.

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Signs and Symptoms of the Ungoverned Mind vs Living with Self-Governing Executive Function

The Signs and Symptoms of an Governed Mind

Human Thrival Brain - Prefrontal Cortex

  • Think Before Act
  • ​​​Poised and Centered
  • ​Seeing How Everything Serves
  • ​Fulfilled and Inspired
  • ​​​Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
  • ​​​Solution Orientated
  • ​​Clear and Certain Vision, Mission, Purpose
  • ​​​​Focused
  • ​​Intrinsic Language (Love to, Choose to)
  • ​Enthused
  • Expanding and Progressing in Life Mastery
  • Delayed Gratification
  • ​Seeing the Hidden Order
  • ​​Vital and Energized
  • ​​Taking Accountability, Reflective Awareness
  • Realistic Objectives
  • ​Clear Minded Consciousness
  • ​​Stable with Balanced Emotions

The Signs and Symptoms of an Ungoverned Mind

Animal Survival Brain - Subcortical Region

  • Impulsivity - Acting Before You Think
  • ​​​Anger and Aggression
  • Feeling of Betrayal
  • Unfulfilled and Uninspired
  • Depression, Anxiety
  • ​Focusing on Your Problems
  • ​​Unclear and Uncertain Vision, Mission, Purpose
  • ​​Scattered
  • ​​​​Imperative Language (Should, Ought, Have, Must)
  • ​​​Frustrated
  • ​Feeling Stuck and Stagnant
  • ​​Immediate Gratification
  • Regrets
  • Drained of Energy
  • ​Blaming Outside Circumstances
  • ​Unrealistic Expectations
  • Distracting Brain Noise
  • ​Emotionally Volatile

Any area of your life you don’t empower becomes an area of your life that others get to set the rules and overpower you. 

- Dr John Demartini

What Others Have Said

"Dr. John Demartini profoundly impacts and changes lives!"

Shabbir Wahid

"Dr John Demartini's programs deliver great value. Especially if you get to ask a question. He over-delivers on answers."

William Barlow

"Dr John Demartini has seriously been one of the biggest factors in me finding my highest purpose and aligning all parts of my life with it for greatest fulfillment."

Joseph Barber

"I made new distinctions, new connections and received insights and ideas for what I am currently working. I was able to equilibrate a charge that has been with me 5 years and despite numerous hours on the matter had not yielded - that is priceless"

Kim Jobst

"I highly recommend that if you haven't yet experienced the power and the wisdom of any of Dr John Demartini's work, you do it sooner than later. This education is not to be found in the traditional education system, so take advantage of the opportunity to create a life changing experience and change your life forever."

Erika Yeates

"Path to power is indeed an actual path that you can follow to empower and balance yourself and live from authenticity. It's real world practical instruction that is understandable and relatable even if it explains a lot of brainy stuff. Dr John Demartini sets it up in a way you can understand what is going on, "under the hood." If you want to move forward in life, on purpose, this is good stuff!"

Toni Oreck

"Dr John Demartini not only has the power to heal, but also the power to open up hearts to love again. His work is REAL magic!"

Dr Wayne Dyer

"Dr John Demartini is one of the greatest minds and illuminating teachers on the planet. The clarity of his teachings will inspire billions."

Rhonda Byrne

"The gifts I’ve gained from your genius has changed the trajectory of my life in every area. I am deeply inspired to continue to give this gift of wisdom back to assist as many others as I can!"

Donna Parker

Your Presenter: Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini is a human behavior specialist, a polymath, philosopher, international speaker and best-selling author. His work is a summation of over 264 different disciplines synthesized from the greatest philosophical, economic and scientific minds.

His extensive curriculum helps individuals master their minds and thereby master their lives. His tools and processes help individuals to increase the quality of their lives, empower all aspects of their lives and achieve their goals and dreams.

Discover the value of self-governing executive function in mastering your life

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My Message to You

I’m Dr John Demartini and it’s my inspiration to share the wisdom I’ve synthesized from 1000s of years of knowledge from theologians, philosophers, Nobel prize laureates and other great minds in science, business, finance and health. 

Stand on the shoulders of giants and implement this great wisdom in order to gain the ultimate advantage in all 7 areas of your life.

~Dr John Demartini

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