Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator, Registered Play Therapy Supervisor, psychotherapist

About Lisa Dion

Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator, Registered Play Therapy Supervisor, psychotherapist

Most of us battle the “should’s” in our heads, trying to conform our lives to the fantasies about who we think we “should” be. Yet striving to live a life based on the beliefs of others increases stress, anxiety and depression. Sometimes it is hard to hear that inner voice that tells us that we are on-track, perfect just the way we are, and that we are not alone.

"When the voice and the vision on the inside become louder than the opinions on the outside, then you have mastered your life"
– Dr. John Demartini

When I first heard Dr Demartini’s quote years ago, I was battling depression and questioning myself as a mother, wife, daughter, and clinician. I was trying to please everyone around me and putting everyone’s needs before mine. I had also been diagnosed with a severe case of adrenal fatigue. I made a decision that “enough was enough.” It was time for me to figure out who I was, not who everyone thought I “should” be. I found direction and I went to work studying John’s methodologies and applying the Demartini Method to my life. I took a good honest look in the mirror, delving deeply into my own psyche and I began to deconstruct my “stories.” The result was almost immediate- my diagnosis was gone within months and in its place was a strong sense of purpose and a clear vision for my life.
Lisa is now a highly sought-after international teacher, consultant and entrepreneur. As a Master Demartini Method Facilitator and a psychotherapist, she is able to combine her knowledge and understanding of how the mind and a person’s biology drives human behavior allowing her to offer clients a unique perspective and understanding on how to maximize their potential and develop a greater appreciation for themselves and the people in their lives. Lisa is the only person in the world holding combined certifications as a Senior Certified Demartini Method Facilitator® and a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor.

 Lisa’s cutting-edge approach gifts her the ability to meet the needs of Fortune 500 Leaders and out of control 3-year-olds, all in the same day. In 2014, John Demartini authorized Lisa as the second person in the United States to teach his Value Determination Seminar.

Lisa’s specializations include:

  • Helping resolve addictions
  • Transforming anxiety and depression
  • Integrating traumas
  • Transforming grief and loss
  • Discovering and aligning values and priorities to maximize potential
  • Transforming the mid-life crisis
  • Uncovering blocks that are in the way of living an empowered life


"Prior to meeting Lisa and working the Demartini Method I had struggled with the same issues for almost 15 years. I had been through multiple traditional therapists, out-patient intensive treatments (twice), many other both eastern and westerns modules of treatment, and still my life continued a slow downward spiral. Lisa was literally my last-ditch attempt at not having to go to in-patient treatment, I came to her completely hopeless that it was possible to really change. My first meeting with her I left feeling different from any other appointment I had ever had, the language she used and the way she approached my issues was different and it was exciting. We immediately dug in using the Demartini Method, and big changes started happening within the first few appointments. After working through the Demartini Method with Lisa my life has really done a complete 180 and I consider working with her to be one of the biggest gifts of my life. The Demartini Method in and of itself is an amazing module to bring about change, but combined with Lisa’s knowledge and care it turns it into a powerful tool that changes lives. Lisa is a brilliant facilitator of the Demartini Method, I can’t even put into words how highly I recommend her."
– Corie F, Client

Lisa was a bridge that connected me with my power, to discover myself, to feel gratitude for “my story” and to work towards a balanced perspective. John Demartini says, “Let’s stand on the shoulders of giants”, and I say, “Thank you Lisa for letting me use your shoulders to explore the world.”
– Mili S., Client

"Since I began mentoring with Lisa Dion my understanding and application of the Demartini Method has absolutely exploded. She has given me a deeper appreciation for how powerfully transformative this method is. Her masterful insight is inspiring and her earnest dedication to teaching others is phenomenal. In both my personal and professional uses of the Demartini Method Lisa has been my greatest asset. She has an uncanny ability to ask the right question at preciously the right moment and to challenge me and support my wisdom leaving me empowered and confident. To say I am eternally grateful would be an understatement."
– Jordan K, Trained Demartini Method Facilitator