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About Ken Pierce

Ken Pierce, a board-certified psychologist, is based in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Ken has served thousands of individual clients, couples, families and companies in his private practice.

Ken has been studying with Dr John Demartini for over 30 years. He is a Master Certified Demartini Method & Values Facilitator and attended most of the courses in The Demartini Institute curriculum.

In 2020, Ken established The Pierce Institute of Psychology Inc., a facility devoted exclusively to psychological services using Dr Demartini’s ideas and methodology. Ken has been offering online services globally for 20 years.

Ken had the privilege of speaking at national and international events and published in the areas of: anxiety, bullying, business leadership, depression, divorce, education, early childhood education, marriage, self-confidence and management.

Ken has been on the faculties of Holland College, the University of Prince Edward Island, and the Glasser Institute of Canada. Ken was the first psychologist to achieve Master Level Facilitator Certification with The Demartini Institute in 2012.

Ken aims is to assist individuals, couples, families and companies dissolve any challenges in the seven areas of life. This frees them to empower themselves and evolve their uniqueness. Ken is in the perfect position to bring his extensive training and experience to address your personal and professional needs.

There is no waste in nature,
everything has a purpose and value!

You may be thinking your challenges are holding you back, but…

What if, just one idea, could broaden your perception of yourself and your life?

What if, just two ideas, could suggest there is more for you and your future?

What if, just three ideas, could prove you have the ability to design your own destiny?

Yet, many ask how exactly do you change your perception when you’re stuck in an emotional crisis?

Well, we are natural learning systems, and it takes just one moment, and just one decision, to take action to move forward.
Albert Einstein said, “The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking…”

Changing your thinking changes your perception of everything.

Changing your thinking, changes your world! So, changing your thinking, empowers you in ways you never imagined.

As Dr Demartini has said, in so many ways, emotions are mathematical equations of perception. When you change your
ratio of perceptions, bringing them to balance, the emotion dissolves.

That’s the ability of your biological brain, and your psychological mind, to empower yourself in life. If you seek guidance to process your current perceptions, then please, contact me!

No matter what you’re facing, whether a spiritual confusion, a loss of self-esteem, a work challenge, a financial crunch, a relationship issue, a family crisis, a health disaster, or any other situation, it can be resolved!

When you balance your perceptions, you’ll not only dissolve them, but you also, discover the hidden value of them, which reveals how to use them to your advantage.

And, please note, skepticism is a valuable learning accelerator, so feel free to bring it with you! Skeptics ask the tough questions to speed up their evolution.

Life mastery occurs in your own mind.

If you'd love to be personally guided through the process of extracting meaning from the events of your life, so you see the
perfection, and free yourself to move forward, then book a session with me by clicking below:

You're Designed Perfectly for Your Future!

Personal Mastery involves re-empowering yourself: spiritually - mentally - vocationally - financially - socially - familially -physically by:
  • Discovering the special link to your evolving spirituality!
  • Rebuilding your self-esteem and self-confidence!
  • Uncovering your unique purpose and living by it!
  • Creating a vision/mission to which you’re dedicated!
  • Developing your dreams with purposeful planning!
  • Developing your dreams with purposeful planning!
  • Improving your profit margins in your business!
  • Clarifying your business vision with a timely evolution!
  • Creating a balance of your personal and work life!
  • Managing your financial resources well!
  • Discovering your special forms of wealth!
  • Rebuilding your connection to friends and colleagues!
  • Enhancing your leadership skills in each of your roles!
  • Reestablishing your links with spouse and parents!
  • Reconnecting with your children and family!
  • Transforming your painful relationships to healthy ones!
  • Rebuilding your physical health and well-being!
  • Restoring your vitality and presence into your daily life!
If you’re dedicated to mastering your life, if you’d love to have your emotions cleared so you can get on with your vision of your
life, if you'd love to uncover the perfection of you and your life, then, book a consultation with me!

Our Approach

The Pierce Institute’s (TPI) service is the application of a science based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to human challenges using the work of Dr. John Demartini.

This service focuses on the areas of:
Spiritual evolution
Mental health
Career development
Financial management
Family relationships
Personal health strategies
Globally, research indicates that stress/anxiety from depression is the number one mental health challenge today!

Since our thinking creates what we feel, controlling our thinking is the key.

We focus there and get the FASTER results our clients seek using accelerated, focused, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
based on the hard sciences of biology, chemistry and physics and demonstrated by the ideas and methods of The Demartini Institute.

What Others Have Said

"Ken Pierce is a board certified psychologist, who has attended specialized training courses put on by the Demartini Institute over the last 10 years.

His evolution as an astute teacher, counsellor, writer and coach over the past 40 years brings a unique perspective to organizations and business leaders.

Ken’s energy, curiosity and commitment to learning have catapulted him to the cutting edge in his field."

– Dr. John F. Demartini - Founder of the Demartini Institute

“My mind and in particular my thoughts used to be all over the map.

My thought processes were cluttered and I searched for truth and peace in my life, doubting that I would ever find it.

When I first experienced the Demartini Method™ approach I began a journey of self discovery of challenging how I perceive myself in all my relationships in life both past and present and future ones.

I now approach people and situations with new vigor and hope. I live now for the present.

Thanks Ken!”

-T. B.

“I learned that life is about balance, that there are no mistakers and that all bad things have good and all good things have bad. I have learned to dissolve my illusions about people, places and things. I have learned to appreciate my life as it is now as this is where I am supposed to be to learn what I have to learn.

Thank you so much Ken for giving me a new way to see things and for bringing me back down to earth. I have a new appreciation for myself, my children and my partner.

I am sure I’ll be back some day.”


“Making the initial phone call to see Ken was difficult and I came close to canceling a number of times before the day arrived. I went into therapy feeling damaged but was soon made to feel that I wasn’t broken and didn’t need to be fixed.
He helped me deal with difficult family and work problems. I left my sessions feeling totally exhausted and yet energized at the same time.

Basically, Ken helped me look at things with a new perspective. I view everything in a more positive light now. He’s so professional with such a great sense of humor and kindness that you leave feeling so much better than when you arrived!” 

- E.R.

"I approached the Pierce Institute because I was looking for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Ken helped me to neutralize my righteousness and fantasies which had a tremendous influence on my physical and mental health. 

I really like being able to bring my elation back to balance. I found the experience life altering. I would recommend Ken to anyone who needs help navigating a challenging situation. On a ten point satisfaction scale, I would give the Institute a rating of 10!"

-M. T.

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