Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator and Demartini Values Facilitator.

About Helene Kempe

Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator and Demartini Values Facilitator.

Helene Kempe is a Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator and Demartini Values Facilitator. She works with individuals and groups from around the world and also conducts workshops both within companies and for the general public.

Her company name “Optimum Thinking – the art of conscious achievement” reflects her belief that self-leadership is an art worthy of sustained conscious practice and that it is accessible to anyone who is open to learning from others and has the desire to transform their life or business and play a bigger game.

Helene is inspired by facilitating people to empower themselves through becoming effective self-leaders and self-governors in order to create the life they consciously choose.

Individuals around the world are discovering how to create amazing lives through their private consultations with Helene. It is in these sessions that people are discovering how to remove emotional blocks that get in the way of fulfilling their life purpose.
Having trained and worked as a specialist educator for over 30 years, Helene has held successful management positions for the majority of that time. Her leadership, management, organisational development and marketing expertise coupled with her teaching and learning experience in the creative and visual arts, provides her with a valuable skill set that enables her to ‘think outside the square’.

Helene is highly experienced and holds a number of qualifications in the areas of education, management and human behaviour. These include: a Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration, Diplomas in Teaching and Visual Arts, Associated Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC), Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Results Coaching, Demartini Values Facilitation and Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator.

Having studied Dr Demartini’s work diligently since early 2009 Helene has attended and re-attended many of his programs including: The Breakthrough Experience®, The Prophecy I Experience®, The Prophecy II Experience®, Demartini Values Factor® and the Demartini Method® Training Program. Helene has also assisted Dr Demartini numerous times by facilitating at his signature program The Breakthrough Experience®.

Believing “we are all either growing or dying” she regularly attends high quality specialised trainings around the world to continually improve her own knowledge and skill set;learning from the very best in numerous human behaviour disciplines including Dr Demartini.
Helene worked on the leadership teams that established and developed large highly successful educational institutions including; Alexandra Hills State High School, Sheldon College and The Australian Trade College North Brisbane (formerly the Australian Technical College North Brisbane); all of which exceeded enrolment projections and developed highly regarded brands.

Fully appreciating the power of learning to consciously control our perception and how that ability can improve our personal fulfilment, health and achievement in all areas of life has led Helene to develop a range of coaching programs and workshops to help both individuals and teams develop new ways of thinking and learn a powerful new vocabulary that enhances communication, relationships and performance.

Helene Kempe provides private consultations in the following areas:

  • Grief and loss e.g. loss of a loved one, relationship, a job, business, possessions or money
  • Emotional trauma resulting from overwhelming life challenges
  • Anger management and conflict resolution – at home or in the workplace
  • Feelings of shame, guilt or self-loathing
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Divorce and separation
  • Relationship and family dynamics
  • Emotional and mental blocks holding you back
  • Values determination, clarity of life purpose and goal planning and achieving to live an inspired life
  • Learning the art of conscious achievement

Client Testimonials:

"I have carried a heavy load of guilt for all of my adult life. You never know how heavy that load is until you take it away…I had a coaching session with Helene and came away with a new perspective which has removed that weight forever… Empowering lightness where once it was debilitating weight. There is no loss, just transformation…these were just words to me prior to working with Helene. Now I get it!"
– Denise.

"A powerful process to open my heart on another level with all the people in my life."
– Winton

"I really value the opportunity to look more deeply at my beliefs, thoughts and perceptions. The material is really interesting and thought provoking. Helene’s facilitation built trust in participants, allowing them to be prepared to share really meaningful stuff."
– Ralph

"Wonderfully presented and taught. Very clear explanations. I gained a much clearer understanding of the method. Helped me gain more confidence in presenting and completing the DM … and so much more.I am grateful for the day and to you Helene – beautiful energy and heart!"
– Hayley