LIVE Online Workshop with Master Demartini Method Facilitator
Determine Your Values with Alana Demartini
Join Dr John Demartini’s daughter and be guided through the Demartini Value Determination Process to get clear on what you value most

July 26, 2022

1pm - 6pm CDT | 2pm - 7pm EDT | 11am - 4pm PDT | 12pm - 5pm MDT

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Know You Know Your Unique Hierarchy Of Values

Get ready for an incredible shift when you clarify your unique hierarchy of values and discover the form of your genius

Join Alana Demartini for the 5-hour Determine Your Values Practical Workshop to clarify what’s most important to you so you can dedicate your life to it.

This is the perfect workshop to get you started on your empowerment journey.

I’m sure you’ve found yourself saying: “I should”, “I ought to”, “I’m supposed to”, “I have to” or “I must”.

Just know that when you do, you’re unconsciously subordinating to some individual or collective outer authorities and injecting their projected values, ideas, or expectations of what actions or inactions you think you ‘should be taking’ or ‘should not be taking’.

It means you’re not listening inwardly to what you’d truly intrinsically love to be doing and you’re not living according to your highest values nor living your authentic life.

When you KNOW what your own true highest and most intrinsic values are and you look for your growth, genius, innovation, creativity and achievement in those more intrinsically driven areas of your life, you’ll discover that you are growing and expanding in power in those areas.

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Determine Your Values Realtime Online

It’s time to get clear on what’s most important to you, most meaningful to you, your highest priorities and values. Alana Demartini will wisely guide you through the 13 steps to get clear on your unique hierarchy of values in this LIVE online workshop.

Why Are Your Values Important?

Your values are key to your empowerment and fulfillment.

When you know what your true highest values are, you’ll literally hold the blueprint for your greatest achievements and fulfillment.
To determine your unique hierarchy of values sign up for the workshop by clicking below: 

What will be addressed at the Determine Your Values Workshop with Alana Demartini

  • Understand the significance of knowing your true highest Values – how they emerge and why,
  • Determine your hierarchy of Values – a practical session where we’re troubleshooting as a team to ensure you complete the program crystal-clear on your unique hierarchy of values AND
  • Understand how to apply your new knowledge around values to empower all 7 areas of your life from financial to business empowerment, mental and educational, to physical empowerment, social to spiritual including familial empowerment.
This is the most important first step to take before you do any further work in self-development.
This will ensure that you know yourself and can be yourself.

Join the Determine Your Values Workshop presented by Alana Demartini, Master Demartini Method Facilitator.

Alana will help you to clarify your values and show you how to apply your unique hierarchy of values to empower your life.

Get ready for the profound impact this workshop will have on your life and your destiny.
See you there!

The Power Through Value class was an accelerating and inspiring program, with its primary essence of all Demartini teaching. It summarizes what truly means leaving a masterful life. This class takes you to a higher level of understanding and awareness. ~Elena Sophia Ruiz

Your Host: Alana Demartini

Alana Demartini, Dr John Demartini's eldest daughter, hosts the Determine Your Values Workshop. She is a Master Demartini Facilitator, educator and consultant on human behavior and personal development.


JUL '22

Online - Determine Your Values Workshop

Online Seminar - July 26, 2022
Join Dr John Demartini’s daughter and be guided through the Demartini Value Determination Process to get clear on what you value most
Times: 1pm - 6pm CDT | 2pm - 7pm EDT | 11am - 4pm PDT | 12pm - 5pm MDT

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