International Inspirational Speaker and Business Mentor

About Deborah Cooper

International Inspirational Speaker and Business Mentor

Deborah specialises in taking uninspired and underperforming teams through a process which transforms how teams communicate and ultimately profits with productivity dramatically increasing.

With a background in corporate, Deborah was challenged with staying inspired and felt she had lost direction. Balancing her professional and personal life was frustrating. When she discovered Dr John Demartini she learnt she wasn’t open to what was around her – her purpose became unlocked – to assist people to master their lives.

By using The Demartini Method® with her clients, Deborah neutralises their emotional charge, balances their mental and physical reactions, opens their heart and clears their mind.

Resolving emotional issues, allows you to increase your enthusiasm for life as well as increase your vitality, successes, enhances relationships and fulfilment across your life.

Once your perception has been shifted, your story dissolves allowing your mind to focus on things more inspiring.
Once your perception has been shifted, your story dissolves allowing your mind to focus on things more inspiring.

Deborah’s work has no boundaries and can be used in all areas. She offers workplace visits to “keep the team inspired or to find the ‘right fit’ employee for the business.” She finds that her specialty in this area is also with women and entrepreneurs to assist them with defining a balance of keeping the family happy and the business productive.

Deborah not only works with businesses; her client ages range from 10 yrs old to 74 years old.

Emotional Blockages Can Be:

  • Struggling to cope with reality
  • Abandonment issues
  • Fear of failures
  • Body image concerns
  • Alcohol and drug issues
  • Shame and guilt from secrets
  • Constantly having to cope with conflict
Deborah Cooper loves what she does and it shows with the ripple effect through her clients.

Deborah is an international facilitator of human behavior, self-empowerment and transformation. She has in-depth skills and insights into facilitating people in breaking through to new levels of inspiration, creativity and performance in pursuit of their goals.

She has inspired men, women and children from all walks of life to live magnificent lives that we all deserve.

My Message To You

"Any area that you are disempowered, someone else will take over. The key in your life is to be empowered in all areas. I know we all have challenges in life and you have choices on how to deal with your challenges. You either stand up or shrug away – the choice is yours. We have all been there before and have made it through. Just trust the process. There is a greater vision going on, you may just not know it yet. My challenges taught me the principles I live by today."

"Desperation and overwhelm leads to frustration and negativity. Inspiration leads to fulfilment and gratitude. Provide a service from the heart and you will reap the rewards, in more ways than you can imagine."