When You See The Order of Your Life and See Your Unique Value, Everything Changes.
Book a private coaching session to help you dissolve any issue or challenge you perceive is causing you distress, distracting you, or getting in the way of achieving your personal or professional goals and dreams.

About Clarissa

Clarissa Judd is the global director of the Demartini Institute and has worked alongside Dr John Demartini for over 18 years.

She is a Master Demartini Method and Values Facilitator. She has studied all the available courses in the Demartini curriculum and continues to repeat many of the core programs in the curriculum annually.

Her consultations focus on the application of the key methodologies of the Demartini Method and the Values Application with the intention to assist clients dissolve their current challenges in all 7 areas of life so they’re freed up to continue to grow and expand to the next level of their empowerment.

Clarissa has a BSc degree as well as 18 years in Business Management and Leadership. She is in the perfect position to bring her science background, philosophy training and business experience, including marketing, sales and management into the mix when working with clients to address their personal and professional needs.

There's Meaning to be Found in Everything

You may feel that the outer world is getting you down or interfering with your ability to move forward, but all it takes is one moment, one decision to take action and find a solution.

William James, the father of modern psychology said that man has the unique ability to change their perceptions and thereby change their reality.

But the question most people ask is how exactly do you change your perception when you feel like you’re stuck or in an emotional crisis.

**All emotions are mathematical equations of perception. Change the ratio of perceptions and bring them to balance and the emotion dissolves. That’s the power of the Demartini Method, developed by human behavior specialist Dr John Demartini**

If you’re looking to be personally guided through the processing of your current perceptions, then applying the Demartini Method including the Values Applications will give you the tangible results you’ve been looking for.

It was Victor Frankl who said that those who can find meaning in any situation are the ones who are most adaptable.

No matter what you’re facing, whether that be a business plateau, cost of living crisis, health challenges, relationship issue, or any other situation that you may perceive is distracting you and causing you frustration or distress, if you process your perceptions, you’ll not only dissolve it completely but you’ll also discover the hidden blessings within the challenge which will reveal to you how to use it to your greatest advantage.

All life mastery starts in the mind and if you'd love to be personally guided through the process of extracting meaning from the events of your life so you see the perfection and liberate yourself to move forward to greater fulfillment and achievement, then book a private session with Clarissa by clicking below:

“180 degrees, every time, without fail.”

“My first encounter with the Demartini Method was in 2005 when Clarissa Judd took me through a 180 degree turn-around about the death of my husband. I have since learned to apply the method as one of the most powerful tools as a psychologist. But, when I’m stuck, feeling with my back against the wall, the only person I turn to is Clarissa to help me with a consultation. Spending 2 hours in a consultation with her, turns me 180 degrees, every time, without fail. Clarissa, you are simply the best!”

Ilze Alberts - Psychologist, author and speaker

You're Perfectly Designed for Your Mission

Life mastery is having the wisdom to:
  • See both sides of any perception you have about your experiences, yourself or others so you remain objective and operating from the highest level of your brain, your medial prefrontal cortex which gives rise to your greatest self-governing executive function.
  • See the opportunity in whatever you’re facing and the hidden meaning in it.
  • Know with certainty that life is in fact ‘on the way’, instructive and helping you in every way to grow and achieve your inspired goals and dreams.
  • To see with clarity the solutions and strategic actions to take, to be focused and enthusiastically working towards your inspired goals and dreams. 
  • Manage your emotions so they don’t distract you from taking focused action towards achieving your goals and dreams;
  • Study everything related to empowering all 7 areas of your life (mental, business, financial, social, physical, family, spiritual) so that each area is a pillar supporting your achievement of your goals and dreams.
  • Have an ever expanding inspired vision and mission you’re dedicated to and consistently working towards achieving.
If you’re dedicated to mastering your life, if you’d love to ensure that your emotions are cleared so you can get on with the real mission of your life, if you'd love to discover the perfection of yourself and your life, then book a private consultation with Clarissa Judd.

“She can help you go to the next level”

Clarissa Judd has worked alongside me for nearly 2 decades. During this period she has become masterful in the understanding and facilitation of the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination and Application processes. She’s helped countless seminar attendees and clients transform both their personal and professional challenges. I am confident that as a Master Facilitator that she can help you go to the next level in whatever area of life that you would love to empower and intend to master.

Dr John Demartini - Originator of the Demartini Method and Founder of the Demartini Institute

Ready to Transform Your Life?

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Single or Multiple Package Sessions are conducted Live online via Zoom or Skype done from wherever you are in the world, from the comfort of your home or office.

Determine Your Unique Hierarchy of Values

Clarify what your life demonstrates is truly most important to you. Set congruent goals and live by priority. Reveal your unique genius and live your most authentic life.

Balance Any
Distracting Emotion

Balance the mathematical equation of your perceptions with the Demartini Method, the revolutionary personal development tool for dissolving emotions and transforming challenges.

Tackle Business Issues
and Plateaus

In business you’ll be constantly challenged so whether you’re facing a business plateau, a leadership issue or personal self-doubt, clearing it will open up the next step in your business evolution.

Get Clear On Your
Vision and Mission

Get clear on what you’d love to dedicate your life to creating. The quality of your life takes on a whole new dimension when you know what’s truly most meaningful for you. 

Go to the Next Level of Your Financial Empowerment

Dissolving psychological barriers to wealth, getting clear on what you would love to be, do and have all play a pivotal role in expanding your financial mastery.

Dissolve Relationship Challenges

Few things in life derail our focus more than a relationship challenge. Dissolving relationship volatility means you move from judgment to appreciation and see how the biggest challengers in life are equally supporting your growth.

Increase Your

The magnificence of who you are far exceeds any fantasy you could ever impose upon yourself. The weight off your shoulders when you finally love and appreciate yourself for who you are, is one of the most profound moments of your life.

“What a tremendous advantage”

“My session with Clarissa was phenomenal. She guided me through the Demartini Method, helped me nail my highest values and answered all my questions. Since I had not done the Breakthrough Experience weekend yet, it was the perfect preparation for the training. During the Demartini Method Training Program I thought of my session with Clarissa often with gratitude as I realized what a tremendous advantage it was to have someone facilitate it in a 1:1 setting for me beforehand!!”

Marieke Kramer-Rosie - Certified Professional Coach


Love and Appreciation 

We all want to be loved and appreciated for who we are. If you're not loving and appreciating yourself, you'll be beating yourself up, imposing fantasies onto yourself and not honoring your unique genius and expression. You're magnificent just the way you are, you don't need to change, despite what outer society may tell you. 

If you'd love to discover the perfection of yourself, dissolve any frustrations you may feel and love and appreciate yourself then book a session today. As Dr Demartini beautifully says, the magnificence of who you are FAR exceeds any fantasy you could ever impose upon yourself. 

Just like you want to be loved and appreciated for who you are, the same applies to the people in your life. Anytime you're judging others (or yourself) you're shutting down the higher level function of your brain. 

If you'd love to dissolve tension, anger, frustration or any other judgement you have towards someone in your life then book a session. It'll be a weight off your shoulders when you open your heart with unconditional love.

“Saved my marriage”

“I came to Clarissa with a very big challenge I was facing in my relationship with my husband. Going through the process with Clarissa was mind-blowing! She has so much wisdom and guides you to a place of just absolute gratitude. She helped me to see the perfection in everything, she helped me to shift my perceptions about my husband completely and it has as a result saved my marriage. I cannot recommend Clarissa enough, thank you for holding me accountable to clearing these layers, and I can’t wait to keep peeling the onion!”

Charne Peters - director at Au Pair Extraordinaire

Fast track

Breakthrough Intensive

The Breakthrough Intensive Fast Track is only available for those registering for the Demartini Method Training Program but unable to attend the Breakthrough Experience beforehand.

Fast track to ensure you’re prepared and ready to attend the 5-day licensing program with Dr John Demartini.

The Fast Track Session is 2 hours and covers universal laws, values, and the practical application of the Demartini Method so you've had your own personal experience of the process prior to the commencement of the training. 

“Resulted in my own profound breakthrough”

"You know, sometimes the Universe delivers profound experiences completely out of the blue, and Clarissa Judd was one such experience for me, not only did Clarissa give me a brilliant overview of the Demartini Method but her demonstration of the method itself resulted in my own profound breakthrough of certain events in my life that were still very much in my way, I hadn’t expected that, and as a coach with years of experience this is saying something. I will forever be thankful for that unexpected insight and equilibration."

Steve hall - coach


Transform Business Challenges

In business you’ll constantly have new challenges to solve. So whether you’re facing a business plateau, a leadership issue or personal self-doubt, clearing it will open up the next step in your business evolution.

There are many different applications of the Demartini Method including values in business. From clarifying your personal vision to expanding the vision of your company, linking values for greater productivity, goal setting, and dealing with change, conflict, professional relationships, fear of failure. 

Clear your emotions so you're focused and enthused to take your inspired vision of service to the world. 

“Understanding the complexity and finding my way forward”

"Warren Buffet says “strategy builds wealth. Emotions destroy wealth.” As a businessman and entrepreneur, having an equilibrated mind gives me sharp focus, and the ability to manage complex challenges. When I feel stuck and my mind struggles to comprehend the complexity of the situation, my go-to person to help me is Clarissa Judd. She’s exceptional in assisting me with understanding the complexity I’m dealing with and finding my way forward."

Roelf Alberts - International business owner and entrepreneur


Navigate The Journey to Pregnancy

Having walked the path for 3 years and now blessed with 3 children, I’d love to help you manage your emotions along the fertility journey and clear out any psychological blocks in the way of your positive pregnancy result.
If you're trying to fall pregnant and it's taking longer than you'd anticipated, then managing your emotions will make all the difference in your ability to navigate the journey.

If you'd love to ensure that your emotions don't distract you from staying focused on your goal, if you'd love to ensure that you're adaptable and resilient, and that you're able to find the many blessings along the journey, then using the Demartini Method to process what you're going through will ensure you're best equipped for this journey whether it be short or long to having your baby.

If you'd love to identify and clear out the psychological blocks that could be blocking your ability to fall pregnant and go to full term, then using the Demartini Method will help you clear the path to enable your intention to manifest. 
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