Breaking through whatever is blocking you from Your Inspired Mission
An inspiring new program aimed at helping you accelerate the achievement of your primary mission or purpose.
Date: December 28, 2022
Times: 8am – 5pm CST; 2pm – 11pm GMT; 4pm – 1am SAST; 1am – 10am AEDT (Dec 29)
*Post-Event Recording Available for 28 Days

Relationship Mastery presented by Dr John Demartini

Dates: USA/UK: October 1 - 2
AUS: November 26 - 27

Inspiring new program presented by Dr John Demartini

Date: December 28, 2022

You know what you’d love to create and you’re ready to break through whatever is blocking your ability to make the progress you desire.

What’s Holding You Back


Are you clear on your inspired mission and vision?


What are the unconscious motives interfering with fulfilling your Big WHY?
Breaking Through Whatever Is Blocking You From Your Inspired Mission
An inspiring new program aimed at helping you accelerate the achievement of your primary mission or purpose.

When the WHY is big enough, the HOWS will take care of themselves

If you have an unclear idea of your telos or ‘why’, it’s similar to looking at the world through foggy glasses. However, once you become clear, the strategy to achieve your dreams and the action steps to take become more obvious.
That’s when you start to see you’re making progress.

  • Step 1: Identify your highest values and priorities - not what you may perceive you “ought to do”, “should do” or “must do”, but instead what you are spontaneously and intrinsically inspired from within to do each day.
  • Step 2: ALIGN your life with your unique hierarchy of values. When you learn to live congruently with your highest values, you are the most resilient, adaptable, objective, inspired, and vitalized.

    You literally wake up your genius, expand your space and time horizons, and spontaneously take action on that which you perceive will assist you to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Step 3: Ensure you clear out any unconscious motives interfering with your doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals and dreams.

    So how do you do that? How do you take the next step in clarifying not just your highest values, but also your unique WHY?

    That’s where Dr Demartini’s brand new online seminar comes in, which is aimed at helping you refine, polish and clarify your WHY and inwardly strategize your mission.

This will include:

  • Identifying the CHALLENGES, obstacles or roadblocks you may encounter on your journey to self-mastery and authenticity;
  • ​Pinpointing internal UNCONSCIOUS MOTIVES and FEARS that may be holding you back, and learning the step-by-step process that will help you address and dissolve them.

If you are inspired to align your life, be authentic, make a difference and clear out anything in the way of taking the actions to create your inspired life, then this very special workshop will be extremely beneficial for you.

Both practical and inspiring, you will leave the session with a strategy that will allow you to take tangible steps living out your extraordinary WHY!

My message to you

I’m Dr John Demartini and it’s my inspiration to share the wisdom I’ve synthesized from 1000s of years of knowledge from theologians, philosophers, Nobel prize laureates and other great minds in science, business, finance and health. 

Stand on the shoulders of giants and implement this great wisdom in order to gain the ultimate advantage in all 7 areas of your life.

~Dr John Demartini

Breaking Through Whatever is Blocking You From Your Inspired Mission

Date: December 28, 2022

Full Price: $559 | Special Offer: $499 | Save: $60

An inspiring new program aimed at helping you accelerate the achievement of your primary mission or purpose.
*Post-Event Recording Available for 30 Days

About Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini is a human behavior specialist, a polymath, philosopher, international speaker and best-selling author. His work is a summation of over 264 different disciplines synthesized from the greatest philosophical, economic and scientific minds.

His extensive curriculum helps individuals master their minds and thereby master their lives. His tools and processes help individuals to increase the quality of their lives, empower all aspects of their lives and achieve their goals and dreams.