Empyreance I - A Spiritual Awakening, a Mystical Experience. Profound Answers to Your Insatiable Curiosity.
Over 200 inspiring topics ranging from ancient and modern cosmology, to the world’s greatest philosophies, religions, sciences and arts, integrated into the big picture of our magnificent universe.
Date: July 20 - 29, 2024

* Online Time Zone: 8am - 10pm CDT, 6am - 8pm PDT, 2pm - 4am BST, 3pm - 5am SAST and 11pm - 1pm AEST

Prerequisite: Only for Graduates of the Prophecy I Experience
Bonus: Get 12 month access to the full recording of the seminar after the program

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STEP 1: Register for the online 10-day Empyreance 1 Seminar

STEP 2: Explore ancient to modern sciences, religions, and philosophies of the world

STEP 3: Stand in awe of the magnificence of the universe and your role in it

How is Not Having the Bigger Picture Confusing and Limiting You?

How is Not Having the Bigger Picture Confusing and Limiting You?

Most people spend their entire lives only having scratched the surface of the truth that’s out there. But there is profound wisdom hidden in manuscripts, scientific papers, books and philosophical archives.

This ancient to modern knowledge and wisdom has been passed down through the ages and is hidden, scattered across the educational channels of the world.

You’re a born seeker of truth but:
  • You may not know where to find the knowledge or what specific documents you’d be wise to read
  • ​You don’t have the time to research all the material you’d have to work through to get a comprehensive overview of all the ideas and facts out there
  • It’s hard to understand some of the scientific dissertations, formulas and summaries to extract the wisdom that these documents contain
  • ​The language of many of the ancient philosophical documents are difficult and sometimes laborious to read
  • ​Difficult to find a teacher that can answer your incredible breadth and depth of questions
  • ​You know in your heart there’s an intelligence permeating the system but most of the information out there is mechanistic and doesn’t overlay the vitalistic component, or it's vitalistic and doesn’t incorporate the mechanistic component
  • ​There’s so much knowledge out there but no one has summarized it all and been able to give a comprehensive overview that reveals all the common patterns across the different fields of specialties 
That is until now…

Dr John Demartini for the past 5 decades has had an insatiable desire to learn. He’s literally spent the past 50 years diligently studying whatever he could find in science, philosophy, and theology, and woven all the knowledge together into one profound program.

Who is this program for?

Empyreance 1 is for graduates of the Prophecy 1 Experience.

If you’re a student of life, a philosopher at heart, a seeker of truth, then this program will open your heart, expand and inspire your mind to an astronomical level.

Elevate your mind to an astronomical vision

Your heart and soul’s purpose will become so expanded that you will understand how the great geniuses through history have fulfilled their immortal missions.

What Dr Demartini covers in the seminar

A Deep Exploration into the Sciences, Religions, and Philosophies of the world.
Time to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants.
The Greatest Ideas, From the Greatest Minds Who Have Ever Lived From Around the World.

Morals and Ethics, “Good” and “Evil” – “Right” and “Wrong”, Peace and War, Equilibrium, Pain and Pleasure, Opposites, Virtue, Fame, Faith, Love, Beauty, Wholeness, Truth, Foolishness – Folly, Masters, Wisdom, Liberation, Initiates, Sacred Initiation Rites, Path, Silence – Secrets, Inspirational Writings, Art, Spirals, Mandala, Sound, Music, Mantra, Poetry, Receiving and Broadcasting, Actuality – Reality, Concentration – Meditation, Prayer, Breathing, Yoga, Light and Sound, Chakras, Magnetism, Magnetic Healing, Magnetic Personality, Magnetic Holy Water, Magnetic Physiognomy, Magnetism Graphology, Nature as Teacher, Mysticism, Seven Principles of Man, Soul - Soul-Seed - Twin Rays, Tree of Life, Higher Mind, Prophecy, Free Will, Powers, Life Spark, Astral Body, Aura, Lower Mind, Kundalini, Dreams, Immortality, Life – Death, Death Rituals, Atheism – Theism, God, Satan, Alpha – Omega, Cause – Effect, Creation, Sacred World Language (Vowels of Creation), Pure Crystal Universe, Akasha, Aether – Astral Light – Electricity, Astral Realms, Axis Mundi – Pole, Hierarchy of Creators, Question, Belief, Father – Mother, Spirit – Matter, IAO, Attraction – Repulsion, Higher – Lower, Hierarchy, Ascending – Descending, Creators – Destroyers, Logoi, Thought – Sensed, Spirit – Matter, Devas, Co-fashioners, Angels Good – Evil Demons, Peace – War, Disobedient Angels, Sons of God –Daughters of Man, Above Reflects Below, Angelology, ideas and Belief In, Angel Formation, Angels as Gods, Innocent Descending, Ascending – Descending, Functions, Guides, Ranks - Grades –Classes, Seraphim, Four Cardinal Directions, Languages – Ranks, Light – Shadow, Angels – Life, Death – Devils, Constructive –Destructive Angels, Male – Female, Angels as Birds, Evolution, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Universe, Dark Matter, Galaxies, Binary Stars – Trinary Stars, Divine Interstellar Space, Stars, Pulsars, Black Holes, Cosmic Rays, Neutrinos, Interstellar Molecules, Sun, Solar Oscillation, Solar Constant, Solar Corona, Sunspots, Solar Rotation, Solar Radiation Intensity, Solar Spectral Class, Solar System Materials, Planetary Formation, Planetary Orbits, Planetary Distance, Planetary Masses, Periods, Velocities and Dimensions, Planetary Atmospheric Gasses, Planetary Biogenesis, Asteroid Orbits, Comets, Meteorites, Moon, Moon Tidal Influences, Moon Eclipses, Gravity, Electromagnetic Fields, Charged Particle Aurora, Celestial Sphere, Precession, Astrology, Zodiac, First Quarter, Second Quarter, Third Quarter, Fourth Quarter, Sun Fire, Talisman, Geology, Elements, Rounds, Ancient Astronomical Time Tables, Seven Pole Stars - Seven Rays – Seven Elements, Root Races, Archeology, Mythology, Religion, Hinduism, Norse – Scandinavian Legends, Druids, Egyptians – Egyptian Book of the Dead, South Americans, Mexican –Olmec, Mexican – Aztec – Maya, China, Buddhism, Confucius, Taoism, Tantra, Tibetan Lamaism - Bardo Thardo – Book of the Dead, Zoroasterism - Mithraic - Mazdaen (Zend Avesta), Greek Mysteries, Bahia - Book of the Seven valleys, Chaldean Tablets, Jewish Kabalah, Kebra Negast – Legend Solomon – Sheba, Islamic Mohammed, Judeo-Christian, Bible - Old Testament, Genesis – Waters, Male – Female, Yahweh, Noah Arkite Mysteries, Moses Crossing the Waters, Psalms – Isaiah – Ecclesiastes, Bible – New Testament – Christ, Sacred Marriage, Virgin Birth, Mortal –Immortal, As the Sun, John the Baptist, Baptism, Words of Power, Teachings, Miracles, Festivals, Eucharist, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Easter, Second Coming, Assumption, Christ Consciousness, Christian Church, Bible – Inter-Testament, Early Church History, Gospels, Book of Revelation, Pistis Sophia, Epistle of Barnabas, Alchemy, Symbols – Symbology, Magic, Temple of Wisdom Exercises, Fasting, Alms, Charity, Gratitude, Higher Minds – Lower Minds, Light, Praise.
The Perennial Wisdom of the Ages.
And Much More
No Stone nor Question Will be Left Unturned

Empyreance I is an Accelerated Exploration of the Vast Interconnectedness of the Universe

This unique advanced study program was designed for those truly dedicated to self-mastery.
  • Save years of research time gathering and synthesizing the wisdom of the ages into one comprehensive body of work
  • ​Scientific, philosophical and theological insights into over 200 ologies from the micro to the macro
  • Complex scientific knowledge made simple
  • ​Answers to many of your burning questions about the essence of existence
  • Wisdom extracted and deciphered from ancient philosophers and theologians
  • Integrated vast bodies of knowledge into one comprehensive overview
  • ​Gain an unshakable certainty of the universal connectedness of all aspects of life
  • ​Do all this over 10 days from the comfort of your own home

10 Incredible Days Exploring the Mysteries of our Existence

More questions about the mysteries of life will be explored and answered during these 10 extraordinary days than most attendees would ever imagine. Past attendees have called Empyreance I; “the greatest story ever told”, “the cliff notes of creation”, or “the greatest teachings of our times.”
"This is a must attend program for those who hunger and thirst on the hidden mysteries of life. Much love and appreciation for Dr John Demartini's continual expansion and sharing his knowledge as he unravels the mysteries"

Grace Black

Business Owner
"The most inspiring 10 days. What an incredible amount of research and information. You have changed the concourse of my life and of generations moving forward."

Georgia Mournehis

"If you’re a seeker of truth and the mysteries of the universe attend this course. It’s life changing. It’s inspiring. I don’t want it to end."

Mandy Beverley

Mindset Mentor
"Empyreance I as an inner inter-stellar voyage through the cosmos and universe. The most value per word, per second, of any course. This course accelerates the acorns of curiosity into oak trees of knowledge. And I leave with far more curiosity in worlds I hadn't even imagined. I'm surprised I've even been able to write this, because I'm quite speechless."

Dom Poole

"I'm almost speechless after 10 days. It opened my eyes to all of the illusions that I have believed my entire life that were holding me back from being my most empowered self. It liberated me to think astronomically and to step into a whole new realm of understanding. It was incredible and I already want to dive deeper!"

Kimberley Loo

Manifestation Coach
"The program has a way of expanding your mindset, opening you up to bigger possibilities of what you can do in your lifetime. I've come to realise all reality exists in the mind. Thank you, Dr Demartini for teaching such profound and life-changing wisdom."

Tanya Cross


Frequently Asked Questions


The hidden principle behind all phenomena remains unseen and unknown. It is sensed by the few in whom the spirit struggles for release from its bonds. Only the initiate knows it. But how can the initiate explain this divine wisdom except to kindred spirits.

Dear Students of Wisdom

According to my mother, my first words were “why” and “let me see”. Since I was a child I have pondered the mysteries of creation within the universe.

When I was but 4 years old I used to fill all the walls and ceiling of my room with pictures I had drawn of the moon and stars observed from my bedroom at night.

I used to go on bold journeys and observe the wonderful designs and workings of nature.

When I was but 9 I used to sleep out under the stars and gaze up at the heavens in amazement.

At age 16 I had an experience of the grand design of the universe, which I spent a day drawing while living in Hawaii.

Upon turning 17 and after almost dying, I had a revelation, which initiated my commitment and diligence to explore the unsolved mysteries of life and evolution.

My life has been filled with wonder. I could not, not do what I feel divinely designed to do. I am a man on a mission; a mission of love. I am on a quest for an understanding of the source of life itself.

I share my brief history in time for the sake of inspiring you into joining me on my further journeys into the magnificent universe. I will take you on a mystery tour of the world and heavens.

Imagine exploring the unifying principles of over 250 disciplines or -ologies in just 10 days.

Imagine what it would be like to cross over the boundaries of limited understanding and enter into a realm of intuition and inspiration where you just know that you know that you know.

Imagine comprehending the cosmological questions of the ages.

Imagine delving into the essence of the arts, sciences, religions and philosophies of the world.

What would you do if you experienced the cliff notes of creation?

What would you feel like if you heard the greatest story ever told?

What if you reached out beyond your present level of understanding and experienced a transcendent state of mind where you had no questions left that you could think of?

What if you could experience a moment of presence and a mystical understanding that defied explanation?

What if you were to experience a tear of gratitude for the magnificent design that permeates and surrounds you?

Welcome to Empyreance I.

~Dr John Demartini

Empyreance I

The quest to understand the source of life itself

Prerequisite: Only for Graduates of the Prophecy I Experience

DATE: July 20 - 29, 2024

Full Fee: $6,000 - Click to View the Current Early Bird Discount

BONUS: Get 12 month access to the full recording of the seminar after the program